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Caring for your furry family

How long our visits last and how much they cost

We can visit your pet once or twice a day (or more often if required, subject to staff availability) from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your choice and also your pet's requirements.


20 minute visits  £9:

This is our basic service; giving us enough time to carry out all of the basic tasks, and then a short time to give your pet a fuss. 

We find this is an adequate amount of time to say 'hello' and check in with your pet. This is also an ideal choice if you have an independent pet that does not crave company.


30 minute visits  £12:

This is enough time to carry out the basics, plus ten minutes extra to fuss and give undivided attention to your pets.


40 minute visits  £14: 

Double the length of a basic visit with lots more time for fuss and for your pet to get comfy on our knees for a luxury snuggle.

We also find this a popular choice for clients wanting extra time to allow watering of outdoor plants in hot weather.


60 minute visits  £17:

A whole hour gives us lots and lots of quality time with your pets. We  find it's great for them to really get to know us and have special bonding time. This is popular with clients who have indoor pets who are used to a lot of company. This is also recommended if you have pets in cages that require a full clean of the cage mid way through a longer booking.


 Bank holiday weekends are charged at double the rate throughout. 

Mileage charges apply to some areas outside Glossop.

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