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Meet the Regulars

Hello I'm Curtley and when my owners go on holiday I get very well looked after by Auntie Kelly. She has been looking after me for a few years now so knows all my routines such as when I like to go out , which are my favourite treats and how I like my food mashed up in a certain way. I can relax and know I will still be looked after well even when my owners are away. I have to have medicine and fortunately Auntie Kelly is very good at giving me my tablet every morning and is very gentle and kind. She has even picked up some of my special food from the vets for me when I was running low. She always gives me lots of fuss and special tickles under the chin that I like

Hello! Auntie Kelly has looked after us for a few years now and we are always pleased to see her. She says we are all her special friends and that she loves looking after us. Paisley is quite playful and likes it when Kelly plays games with the favourite toys. Pixie and Sydney are a little shy but always appreciate Kelly's gentle way and how she feeds us separately in our favourite places. Once Max had hurt himself and had been to the vets and had a wound that was still healing but our owner knew she could still go on holiday because Auntie Kelly kept a close eye on it and gave him lots of cuddles as usual.

Hi I'm Ellie and Auntie Kelly looks after me when my Mum is away. We have a lovely time and it makes it easier not to miss my Mum as much. I like her to open the back door (even though I know how to use the cat flap!)and I like it when she comes out into the garden with me while I explore a little.Auntie Kelly is very good at brushing me and it makes me purr a lot! I like lying on my back so she can tickle my tummy and call me beautiful. I always get the food I like in nice clean bowls and my litter tray is always kept nice and clean and fresh just how I like it! I look forward to her coming every day and before I know it my Mum is home again.

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