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Meet The Team!

I am super proud of our team! I am always so moved by the love and care they give to all the pets we look after. We are all dedicated and very experienced and your pet will be looked after like it is one of our own. We pride ourselves on high standards of care and are always happy to go the extra mile for your pets needs.

We work well as a team - always communicating with each other and making sure everything runs smoothly. I always try to keep one pet sitter allocated to one booking to keep continuity of care for your pet . Sometimes, however, if it’s a longer booking, spanning more than a week then your pet may be looked after by more than one sitter. 

I will always discuss this with you in advance.

We are all police checked and fully insured.


Hello! I’m Kelly and I run Peak Petsitters as well as being one of the petsitters. I love looking after all the pets and getting to know all their lovely personalities. I am a qualified veterinary nurse  and have worked with animals for over 15 years.


Fiona has several years experience as a pet sitter. She is confident, reliable and extremely caring. Nothing phases her and she is always happy to help


Melanie has a really lovely way with animals - she somehow manages to win round even the most shy or anxious of pets. She has always had  a variety of pets all of her life and at present her furry and feathered family consist of two dogs, a cat, rabbits, a horse and chickens! All that experience makes her a wonderful pet sitter and your pets will love her.



Amanda is a natural with animals . She is very caring and loving . Like all the team she is dedicated and reliable. She has her own cat and also a Gecko.



Ann has a lovely way with animals and prides herself on making sure they are all happy and well cared for . She has a great attention to detail and always gives very full and detailed stories about what your pets have been up to!

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